It’s okay to make a projector screen out of flex seals, somewhat

Watching movies on the big screen is fun, but getting out or driving in can be a hassle. It is possible to have the same experience at home with a little creativity, as shown on this DIY projector screen [The Hook Up].

The build began with a huge motorized roller screen designed for a patio. It was cheaply scored because it was rescued after it was removed from its original home. I saw a curtain door turn into a boat with a flex seal, [The Hook Up] Was confident that the flyscreen could be sealed and used for projection.

Immediately, going hard. Lighter applications didn’t really fill the holes in the flyscreen, while thicker applications had bigger problems with the run. Finally, the screen was painted with a 3 gallon white flex seal and hung for testing.

There was a problem with the run, because the texture of the gallows screen was annoying while watching the movie. In addition, the glossy finish was creating ugly reflections. After some trials and errors, the problems were solved by flat sanding the flex seal surface and using matte clear spray paint to dull the gloss.

The result was a grand projection screen that rolled down at the touch of a button, which we’ve seen before, albeit at a significant cost. [The Hook Up] Effortlessly admits that the hundreds of dollars invested might have been better spent Bought a pre-made screen. Still, it’s a great project, and we respect the creator for doing it! Video after the break.

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