Learn to work: Make your garage your perfect workplace

Lots of possibilities, but it’s not a comfortable hacking space

To our hackers and makers, our trade tools are often as important and interesting as the details of the hacks, but what about the most important tool – the space you use to work your magic? It could be your bedroom, nearby hackerspace and if you have the resources you can even own a place of your own and create your perfect workspace.

What’s next? [MichD] And partners [Brittany] They found themselves moving in the first place. Many couples focus on getting a hot tub in the garden or setting up a nursery, but both are good electronics specialists, so they turned it into a free-standing double wide garage. nerdhubThey learn on the go, and document it in painful detail for your viewing pleasure.

Door fitting, frame up, and insulation in place. All ready for plasterboarding.

The building is structurally a single leather brick-built box with a raw concrete floor. Quite a common thing for the UK (we’ve seen worse), but because of our damp, cold climate, it’s not ideal to spend long hours, at least in the winter.

The first order of business was to divide the front part for bike storage and screed the floor. Once the floor is hardened, the walls and ceiling joists can be framed, ready for laying of insulating elements and covered with plasterboard.

The electrics were in the next order, the wires were clipped to the brickwork, far away from where the plasterboard would be, so when adding external fixtures it makes it less likely to accidentally drill a live cable.

Since the front of the house was partitioned, another entrance was needed. It involved cutting bricks to fit a concrete lintel. With this installed, and the bricks supported at the top, the bottom part was cut to the required size. A somewhat nerve-wracking experience, if you ask us!

Any self-respecting hacker will tell you – no room construction is complete without a decent amount of RGB bling, so the whole room is decorated with an APA102 addressable LED strip. These controls were courtesy of WLED running on an ESP32 module, where LedFX was used on nearby PCs for visualizing music, for good reason.

Your space has already been worked out, but need a little help with the organization? Got a lot of space, and need a portable solution? Check it out for (smaller) sizes!

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