LED Heart puts tabs on your RuneScape character

MMORPG Runscape It holds a special place in the hearts of those who played it in the early 2000s. Sure it may seem exceptionally strange by modern standards, but at the time it was a groundbreaking element. You can also play it for free, which has definitely helped people get on board. Although more modern builds are available, many who have played the game since day one prefer to stick to what they know and continue running a version of the game now known as Old school runescape.

[Austin Blake] He’s one of those early adopters, and the work he’s put on this LED health indicator will tell you all you need to know about how dedicated he is to the classic game. The 3D printed heart has an incredible 312 neopixel LED, controlled by a 5-volt compatible Arduino Nano Avery at the rear. Both the color of the heart and the “fill level” will change in real-time to match the health of the player character.

The lighting itself was pretty straightforward to make, but getting health standards from the game was another story. As [Austin] As explained in the video, his first attempt was to use Python and some image recognition routines involved literally reading the indicator off-screen. The idea worked, and obviously an interesting hack like his own to remember, but unfortunately it was too slow to deliver the real-time response he was looking for.

Eventually he turned his attention to her RunlightFor which an open source client Old school runescape. Thanks to its open source nature he could hack a routine to read current health standards and send it to Arduino, but thanks to a mature plug-in system, he doesn’t have to.

The game’s API lets him create an easy and reliable way to extract data from the game, which we see in the flight simulator community for running physical gauges and displays. Runlight Featuring a repository of community-enhanced plugins, and [Austin] Says he would be happy to submit for inclusion if others were interested in creating a similar index – a perfect match for this motion-sensing Runscape Ax

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