Life Size Colonial Viper touches Australia

Don’t worry, this 8.4 meter (27 ft) Australian viper won’t bite, but it can do a number on any siren rider roaming very close to Canberra. As recently reported by RiotactCreator [Baz Am] This 1: 1 scale replica of a colonial viper Mark II from Redesign has been painstakingly assembled. Battlestar Galactica The series has been in its shade for several years, and at this point things are really starting to come together.

On his personal site, [Baz] Has been maintaining a build log for the fictional spacecraft since 2017 that covers everything from electronics that power the cockpit to the amazingly intricate woodwork that goes into lap-curved 30mm cannons. He even recorded interviews with members of the show’s special effects team in his quest to screen-correct his Viper version as much as possible.

Plywood bulkheads are mounted in an internal metal frame.

No matter how you look at this construction, it’s impressive. But one thing we especially appreciate is the skill with which [Baz] Manage to repurpose what would otherwise be garbage. For example, the main cockpit display is actually an in-dash navigation system that is pulled from a car and the engine’s turbine blades are cut from aluminum road signs. He has even been able to equip Vipers with real aircraft instruments by collecting broken or calibrated units from local pilots.

While Viper may seem like it’s ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Crafts made of metal, wood, and foam have to be coated with fiberglass, sand, and then matched to their television counterparts. [Baz] He said the process would take at least another year, but also mentioned that he was considering adding a functional response-control system to the cold gas thruster – so we’re going to go into a limbo and say it’s probably one of those projects that isn’t quite finished. Not that we’re complaining, remember. Especially when you consider shaky track records Battlestar Galactica When it comes to finalizing things, the franchise is about to wrap things up nicely.

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