Live glucose monitoring with Apple Watch

There have been rumors that Apple is working on a glucose monitoring solution for the Apple Watch. [Harley] Decided not to wait and managed to interface an Abbott Freestyle Lib sensor with the Apple Watch. The sensor does not constantly read glucose directly, but it does allow for more frequent readings that can help diabetic patients control their blood sugar levels. But as part of the hack, [Harley] Effectively converting the meter into a continuous-reading device, another bonus.

The strategy is to add a Bluetooth transmitter to the NFC sensor. Using a device called MiaoMiao, the task seems quite simple. The MiaoMaio is small, waterproof, and lasts two weeks on charge, which is longer than the lifespan of the sensor. Honestly, this is a hack since once you have the data flowing through Bluetooth, you can process it in any way including using an app on Apple Watch.

It’s not perfect. There are some gaps in the readings due to the way the sensor works. However, you usually don’t care much about the perfect quality of your glucose (unless it’s too high or too low). You are usually more interested in the slope of change. This data is good enough for him.

In fact, the most complex part of it all seems to be the watch app. Feeding data into a machine learning model and letting AI guide your insulin injections may be less of a task. I think something.

We have a keen interest in glucose monitoring here and we know why it is so difficult. Honestly, the idea of ​​pushing the data on the glucose meter to the clock is not new, but it is a well-accomplished implementation with many possibilities.

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