LMN-3: Put ‘OP’ in open source synthesizer

Some of the projects that you see are not only for real implementation, but also for the thought of everything around it and the amount of results that amaze you when you look at the work. Even when it is a single-developer open source project. [Stone Preston]Its synth / sampler / sequencer / DAW-in-a-box LMN-3 The description here fits perfectly, and it seems he has set his heart to make sure everyone can create one for themselves by providing all the design files from case down to keycap.

The LMN-3 (LMN, like “Lemon”, “does not come before OP”)) is built as a standalone, portable digital audio workstation and is built around a Raspberry Pi 4 with a hyperpixel display for the user interface. The UI itself, and with it the core of the software, was created using the Traction Engine, which itself uses the JUCE framework and integrates your common synthesizer, sequencer and sampler features with the DAW component to manage recording, editing and mixing. . The remaining hardware is a custom-designed PCB with a set of functions and keyboard buttons, as well as four rotary encoders with a pitch bend joystick and push buttons that act as the main input handlers. Oh yeah, and a Teensy board.

The UI is actually controlled entirely by MIDI commands, and Teensy’s custom firmware translates input events from buttons, encoders, and joysticks accordingly. It basically deactivates the hardware from the software, and using a cross-platform framework at the bottom, you can also run the UI standalone on your computer and use any 3rd party MIDI controller you like. Or then, as [Stone] Really think about everything, use a hardware emulator he created besides. You can even drop the Raspberry Pi and the software altogether and turn it into a pure MIDI controller. If this sounds tempting, but you’re looking for something newer with sliders instead of buttons, check out Traktorino. And if you prefer a mouse as an input device, a browser always has some work to do.

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