Look inside this nanopower op-amp

[Robo] Tiny Transistor Labs has an interesting look at what these modern, ultra-low-energy devices have to offer that consumes absolutely minimal amounts of current. Crank the magnification, and look at the dice on these two similar (but internally very different) devices.

Texas Instruments LPV801, under the hood.

The first unit is the Texas Instruments LPV801, a single-channel op-amp that may not be very fast, but fills it up using only a few hundred nanoamps. Inside, [Robo] Indicates all elements of the design, explains how such a part works within the specification to ensure laser-trimming.

The second part is the Texas Instruments LPV821 which uses a little more power, but with some extra features like Zero-Drift and EMI Hardening make for it. This part peeking inside the device reveals the different manufacturing processes used, and [Robo] Indicates things like the apparent lack of fuses for precise trimming of parts during the manufacturing process.

Seeing these structures up close is not an everyday thing for most of us, so take the opportunity to check out [Robo]Pictures of Tiny transistor labs must take seriously the “small” part of their name, as we have seen with their 555 timers, reproduced with isolated transistors, all in a package that is the same size as the original.

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