LTSpice tips and a long tutorial

We always enjoy videos [FesZ], So when we saw his latest tips and tricks for LTSpice, we decided to take a 20 minute look at it. But we noticed in the text that there is a whole series of video tutorials about LTSpice and it is actually 30 episodes. So there is plenty to see.

Like any tips and tricks video, you might know some of them and you might not even think about some of them – for example, the first one talks about color setting which is a very personal choice. But it’s a good bet you’ll find something to like in the video

Ever get a timestep error? [FesZ] There are suggestions for this. Want thermal information? Looking for an easy way to find RMS values? The video covers all of that and much more. Note that if you run LTSpice under Wine (as we do), the Alt key mouse shortcut probably won’t work because most Linux desktop windows use Alt + mouse to move. However, if you navigate through your settings, you can probably move that function to the Windows key so that the Alt key will work on LTSpice and other programs. For example, in the latest version of KDE, see Window Management, Window Behavior, and then Window Action to change the key that changes from Alt to Meta.

We were really interested to see some other videos. Topics range from simple to high-level topics such as using the .step guide to simulating crystals, measuring power factors, and working with transformers (something we’ve also mentioned). In fact, we’ve got our own (short) series to get started with LTSpice, so if you want to see something, there are plenty of videos for you to start imitating. You may also want to check out our Circuit VR series.

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