Mosyle has launched a new MDM service for Apple Enterprise

Apple’s continued growth in enterprise IT is again reflected in the news that Mosyle has launched a new business-oriented MDM service and secured $ 196 million in Series B funding. It shows how fast Apple is moving in the enterprise space.

Enterprise growth zone

“Over the past year, we’ve aggressively come up with innovative security and management features that have used MDM as a tool to extend security to other levels of the device,” Mosyle founder and CEO Alcyr Araujo said in a statement.

The company’s funding round was led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners.

“With the launch of its Apple Unified Platform, Mosyle is one of the first companies to elegantly integrate MDM with a larger mobile security solution,” said Rebecca Liu-Doyle, managing director of Insight Partners. The vision and our belief that companies need more than traditional MDM in today’s hybrid work environment. “

The fund also reflects Apple’s growing interest in the enterprise ecosystem as a whole.

Despite the challenges, Apple continues to be a strong investment stock, and that positive brilliance seems to extend to many of its partners. While PC sales declined, driven by enterprise demand, Mac sales continued to grow.

That’s great, but it’s also true that the company’s growing reputation in enterprise IT is creating a wave of service providers and integrators to support that growing Apple ecosystem.

That growth is also a visible market opportunity, as evidenced by the 2020 Jamf IPO

Arguably the first company to realize Apple’s enterprise trajectory, Jamf exceeded its last quarter expectations and will report its latest results on May 10. At the moment, the firm’s market cap stands at $ 3.65 billion, and it has recently improved its core business for users.

Considering this, it’s easy to believe that Mosyle’s $ 196 million round of funding shows how much opportunity investors are seeing in the Apple ecosystem. Investors know that with Windows 11 coming online, millions of Windows PCs will need to be upgraded in the next two or three years. They also know that a slice of that upgraded traffic will inevitably go Apple’s way (as it has been for years now), leaving plenty of room for the emergence of a diversified and vibrant Apple-centric MDM industry to meet the wider needs of the enterprise. IT.

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Investing in services makes sense in a context where some big analysts expect IT spending to shift to integration and services after epidemic-driven hardware investments. Mosyle has experienced triple-digit revenue growth since 2020.

What does Mosyle now offer to business customers?

Mosyle has introduced its new business-centric MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution, integrating devices management solutions, securing endpoints, managing Internet privacy and security, and overseeing ID and application management in the new offer.

In a statement, the company now explains the feature set it offers:

  • Advanced Device Management: Provides complete MDM for macOS, iOS, and tvOS, zero-touch deployment and automatic running management, support for shared devices, support for BYOD, and integration with Google, Microsoft, Active Directory, and more.
  • Endpoint Security: Deploying 24/7 security regardless of location, devices ensure the latest macOS security tools, follow top cyber security recommendations, and meet industry compliance orders. This includes detecting native antivirus and malware and scanning, isolating, locking and deleting continuously infected devices. It automates the management and security of privileged accounts with admin on-demand, a special privileged access management solution for MacOS.
  • Internet privacy and security: Encrypted DNS provides functionality that automates web filtering and encryption exclusively on Apple Endpoint.
  • Identity Management: Combines Single Sign On (SSO) functionality with two-factor authentication to protect company-owned Apple devices. It supports Okta, Ping Identity, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and many more.
  • Application Management: Offers the ability to remotely install, update and manage any compatible app on Apple devices.

There is no doubt that companies in this space will start competing more significantly as they seek to establish a presence in a growing industry. The Apple-in-the-enterprise ecosystem has never looked so overwhelming.

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