Motorcycle regulator according to popular demand

A few weeks ago we posted a build with the name of an enthusiastic motorcycle enthusiast [fvfilippetti] Who originally created a voltage regulator from the ground up. Although it was a popular build, the controller only works for a small subset of motorcycles. It also demands a large number of readers for a more general three-phase controller. Normally we don’t expect anyone to give up everything they are doing and start working on a brand new project based on the comments here, but they have done just that.

It is important to note that the solutions he has created are currently only in the simulation stage, but they show promise in the SPICE models. There are actually two schematics available for those who want to continue their open-source project. Compared to shunt-type regulators, these have some advantages. In addition to being open-source, they do not load the engine when the battery is fully charged, which improves efficiency. The only downside is that they have added complexity because they cannot open this circuit without certain conditions, which require a certain type of switch.

After all, this is a great step towards the true prototype of the often weak controllers found on motorcycles from Aprilia to Zero. We hope this has improved for all motorcyclists sidelined by this seemingly simple part. And if you miss it for the first time, here’s the functional controller for its Bajaj NS200.

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