Now there is a Lego suspension dynamo

When it comes to developing and testing performance suspension, it is helpful to have a test equipment that allows you to reliably recreate certain conditions. This LEGO suspension Dino does just that, and is definitely a big help for those who are doing R&D on minifig motorcycle suspension.

The build relies on four motors to overcome a chunky conveyor belt bending resistance, which acts as a winding road. Since the belt is made from technique beam, various LEGO blocks can be attached to the conductor to act as a barrier or distraction for suspension testing.

The video demonstrates the use of dynamometers, showing how the design of a typical LEGO motorbike works with bumps of different sizes. It is easy to change the geometry for switching forks and springs and tuning the suspension, and changes can be easily seen while operating it through the same test conditions.

Although we do not imagine that many people are working in this particular field, the lessons that are being taught here are valuable. This setup allows one to quickly visualize how changing vehicle parameters affects handling. It’s hard to imagine a better teaching tool for car dynamics than something like this that lets you see firsthand what’s really going on!

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