One coder is porting the portal to Nintendo 64

When Portal Published in 2007, developer Valve has decided not to publish a groundbreaking title on an obsolete Nintendo console that is out of production. At that time, of course, no one paid attention, but [James Lambert] That’s right here. Yes, he is porting Portal Near N64.

Port, or “demake,” as [James] It is said to be under construction for some time. The project has created some challenges: Portal Built for much more powerful PCs than the 1996 Nintendo 64. Thus, the initial concern was that the console would not be able to handle the physics of the game or render repetitive portal graphics.

However, hard work paid off. [James] Improving his engine all the time, moving away little by little. The latest work portals are nicely rendered, and the companion cube works exactly as you expect. There’s also a visible portal gun, and the engine can also render up to 15 repetitive levels when viewed through mirrored portals. Sixteen was too much.

Of course, there is still much to do. There is still no player model, and there is a lack of basic animation and sound. However, there are basic ideas, and observers [James] Flying through quite round portals is a matter of absolute pleasure. Even better, it runs smoothly on the original Nintendo hardware. It is an achievement worthy of admiration.

We had no idea what [James] We featured his work while creating real-time shadows on N64 hardware. Now we know! Video after the break.

Thanks [Itay] For the tip!

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