OpenAsar Tweaks enhances Discord’s frontend, performance, and privacy

Not all hacking happens on hardware – every now and then, our software-based tools should be hacked as well. [Ducko] Discord informs us about the partially open-source rewrite of the electron-based frontend. Tinker with web applications can be difficult, so projects like this should be appreciated. Now, this is not a reverse-engineering of Discord’s API or an alternative client to itself, but it does provide an optimistic view of what Discord Client should do for us.

First, clients loaded significantly faster, not unlike the famous GTA Online Speedup (which was also a user-driven improvement), channel and server switching slowed down – and the Linux updater was also de-crafted. [Ducko] Tells us how he got rid of the numerous NPM dependencies of the original code – proving that most dependencies can easily be replaced with Node.JS Native API or Linux binary unzip. In addition to many acclaimed performance improvements, there are also options like telemetry bypass and customization process for your own theming. If you still don’t get your Apple]disc, the native client will be a little more friendly towards you.[justyetbutthenativeclientwillbeabitfriendliertowardsyou[এখনওডিসকর্ডপাবেননাতবেনেটিভক্লায়েন্টআপনারপ্রতিএকটুবেশিবন্ধুত্বপূর্ণহবে।[justyetbutthenativeclientwillbeabitfriendliertowardsyou

Although Discord is ultimately a proprietary platform, we see this tea mug use it every now and then in great hacks like the temperature-tracking coaster. Do you want to code your own discord bot? We have written a walk-through for this. Last but not least, if you like what we have written and you use Discord, you should check the Discord Server on your hack!

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