Put a new spin on your 3D printed parts

Once you’re tired of printing keychain and earbuds with your 3D printer, you’ll want to design something more sophisticated. How about rotating things? [3DSage] There is a good way to know how to integrate a simple motor and controller into a few different sized boxes. Combined with some 3D printed linkages, these boxes can turn your project – printed or otherwise – into something that rotates.

For the show, he made a few cat toys, played with the idea of ​​a magic trick, and refitted something into a selfie light. We have no doubt that you can do something with these small motor modules. Boxes often vary depending on how large the battery packs are There are also a number of interesting side pieces, such as a 3D container for rechargeable button cells and their chargers.

In addition, he demonstrates how to use the motor as a (rather poor) generator. Attaching the water wheel was not successful until he used compressed air to drive the wheel. You thought water did the trick.

The video emphasizes that your connections should be soldered, but you don’t have to. Honestly, we think that if you want to make a moving thing with a 3D printer, you should probably go ahead and learn to solder. It’s not that hard and there are plenty of reasons to learn.

Of course, you can print 3D on the motor itself. Adapting motor modules for different uses is certainly not a new concept, but it is always great to see more ways to apply the basic components.

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