PVC pipe converted into hand tool box

Would you believe that the multi-tiered toolbox pictured here began its life as a piece of bug standard PVC pipe? This may not be our first choice of building materials, but as shown in the video after the break, it only takes a heat source and a suitable plane to convert a section of PVC pipe into a versatile sheet material.

Flattened heated PVC.

The PVC pipe is covered in the first minute of the video unrolling and flattening it, while the rest of the run time is devoted to making the tool box. Every piece you see here is carefully cut from the PVC sheet, except for the screws and lid hinges. Although we suspect that the video is a bit more piped than you might believe.

Would we make a huge box if we had to cut everything by hand? Probably not. But then again, we can’t deny the final result here is quite impressive. Incidentally, if you think the upper hinges look a lot like links removed from a watch band… you’ll be right.

Admittedly we were a little late to cover it, and under normal circumstances we would have let it slip because of the millions of views over the last year. But the central theme of reusing a common element to create something unexpected is the difficult hackade area, and it is closely aligned with this year’s hackade rewards challenges.

Thanks [Keith] For the tip

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