Rackmount Hardware Placement Problems? Lack of IKEA rescue!

[hackbyte] A classic hack reminds us that, although we’ve been wandering around for over a decade, never before has it graced our pages so well. Many of us have small home labs and sometimes even collect servers that we feel comfortable calling mini-datacenters. However, if you always use a lot of 19 switches, servers and other hardware, mounting and keeping them out of the way can be a thorny experience. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

The semi-humorous semi-informative wiki page of Eth0Wiki talks about this idea in depth, provides countless examples and links to pages from other hackerspaces and organizations who have implemented and improved this idea. These tables are nice to look at and fit anywhere, stack nicely when not in use and you can keep a bottle of Club-Mate on top. Aka, these are just the opposite of the cheap clinky cabinets designed for rackmount that you can buy and cost a fraction of the price. What is not love?

You can buy a lot of cheap hardware for ″ 19 and reasonably, you can get the best hardware for your dollar. Many hackerspaces have used these tables for temporary infrastructure, permanent in all cases without purpose. So, if some of us have missed memos, now you are aware of another, untested solution for mounting all these servers when another company replaces its equipment – or we get cheaper through liquidation. If LackRack isn’t on your radar – what are you using to collect your rackmount hardware?

Wondering what to do with an old server? Creating a powerful workstation is definitely on the list. Alternatively, you can cancel the interiors and fill it with raspberry pie!

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