Re-create a camera shot Hackade

People open shields and spears and fight with swords as the camera zooms in and out, creating a hallmark action sequence in the movie. 300 So iconic unfortunately, achieving this effect was not particularly easy. Three cameras were rotating, each with a different lens (100mm, 50mm and 21mm) to capture a different view of the same scene. In post-production, you can dramatically switch between three cameras once the shot is synchronized. At this time people [Corridor Crew] Wanted to recreate the effect, but instead of creating a custom mount to hold three expensive cameras, they printed a custom mount 3d to hold three expensive smartphones.

Although most phones have three cameras on the back, most phones cannot shoot slow-motion from all cameras at the same time. So they need a rig to hold the three phones. The first design was simple and just brackets for holding the phone. Although nice and sturdy, the phone wasn’t easy to bring in or out, and the record button was hard to come by. iPhones have this simple little magnetic ring on the back. They had a bracket that worked pretty well after a few repetitions on design and some printer issues. Since each camera has optical image stabilization, it is easier for the lenses to get out of alignment, which can hit the shot. However, they have somewhat overshadowed the effect on the post. With a functional prototype, a bunch of pinnacles were left to be sliced ​​at a slower pace with a throbbing soundtrack.

We love looking at exciting camera setups and finding something that works. This dual-camera setup has a very different goal and tries to lean towards the parallax effect instead of hiding it. Video after the break.

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