Real Commodore please stand?

The Commodore 64 is a very popular 8-bit retro computer that first appeared in 1982 and finally faded away almost a decade later. Commodore Company started [Jack Tramiel] Amiga eventually shut down the business for a while in the late 1990’s while trying to make it. All history, now only kept alive by enthusiasts, isn’t it? Not good Pretty much, As C64 has become the subject of both miniature and full-size revival over the years. The latest has come in the form of a Kickstarter for the C64x, a seemingly legitimate-branded Commodore 64-shaped PC, but seems to have been discontinued due to allegations by an Italian company claiming to be the real heir to the Commodore. So the real commodore please stand up?

The origins of the Kickstarter C64x Breadbin C64 PC are well documented, with its origins in a valid 2010 offer for which the person behind C64x seems to have acquired the rights. The Italian company is also called Commodore and uses the famous branding of the glorious days to sell some Commodore-themed games, innovations and a tablet computer, but its website is a bit tight about how it came to be using this IP. . Could it be that the German owners of the 1990s came over those rights through such a brand? We will be fascinated to know.

For those of us who held Commodore’s faith the day before, it has a depressing echo of frustrating marketing that was a feature of the brand as it entered its fall. It is clear that both parties believe that their offer is to carry the name legally, but the competing entities are not biased towards Commodore Fandom or themselves. Perhaps it’s time to remind everyone concerned that fans rarely think about who among the Commodores is the rightful heir, but such quarrels should deprive them of C = brand new retro computers.

Here at Hackade, the Commodore home computer is as close to our hearts as our peers [Bil Herd] Was responsible for multiple of them. Read his retrospective at C64 at 40, and if that’s not enough, follow him on a tour of the abandoned Commodore’s office.

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