Refilling Single-Use Miele Dishwasher Autodos Detergent Dispensing Disc

As part [Erich Styger]With the recent kitchen overhaul with more power-efficient machines, he has come across the ‘Autodos’ feature of the new Miele G 27695-60 dishwasher. These are basically extra containers of dishwashing powder that go into a special compartment of the machine, from where the dishwasher can distribute the powder as needed. The high price tag of these containers and the so-called single-use raises the obvious question of whether they can be replenished.

With PowerDisk containing more than $ 10 per container, each containing 400 grams of powder is enough for ~ 20 cycles, it should be clear that this is not a cheap system. Fortunately, each PowerDisk has no special components in a foil-covered plastic container. This means after a hole and some funnel action, [Erich] Refilled an empty powerdisk with fresh powder, Miele rashed the dishwasher happily and there was no one more intelligent than him that it was not using the genuine Miele powerdisk dishwasher powder.

How well this system holds up in the long run is uncertain, as the containers are not designed for constant reuse, but it does provide some creative 3D printing perspective to create a (ABS-based?) Container alternative. Having an automatic powder or liquid dosing system in a dishwasher is a pretty useful feature, but when it is explicitly tied to cash occupancy, it rather spoils the contract.

(Thanks [Christian] To send it)

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