Scrambling Pocket Calculators has been simplified with EMP Box V2

[Rostislav Persion] Interested in creating small, portable EMP devices capable of interfering with nearby electronics for some time. In these EMP devices, high voltage is used to create a portable spark gap generator, the operation of which produces electromagnetic vibrations capable of resetting or scrambling the surrounding electronics like a pocket calculator.

Bridging adjacent holes narrows the spark gap, resulting in more frequent pulses.

Its original EMP box designs rely on spark gaps made from metal screws threaded into a clean plastic insulator, but this new design adjusts the random screws and relies on perfboard. By cutting a single row of holes in the plated perforated and soldering the high voltage terminals at each end, the hollow holes in the middle form an essential part of a spark gap.

It’s even more consistent: effectively bridges the adjacent holes with a solder to reduce gaps. To create the high voltage itself, a DC voltage multiplier from Amazon takes care of it. Check out some calculator reset devices in the short video below.

Looking for high-voltage tests that aren’t so sketchy? Get yourself a van de graph generator, some metal balls and a little oil and make some art.

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