Simple snap action mechanism 100% 3D printed

Plastics are wonderful materials, much loved for their ability to elasticly deform and return to their original shape. These are a category of perfect materials for creating things like living hinges and similar processes and this 3D-printed snap action device looks admirable.

The device consists of an outer housing, into which two 3D-printed springs are inserted. The leaf springs are curved and extend toward the center of the habitat. A slide is then inserted into the housing with a cam in the middle of it. The cam allows the slide to cross the springs when activated, as well as holding it at rest.

As shown the process reliably snaps back and forth between its two positions in a satisfactory manner. It is shown with the removal of one side of the housing so we can get a good idea of ​​how it works. It is 100% 3D printed, as well. Anyone who wants to replicate a design should consider the importance of printing orientation, especially in the case of spring pieces, which will not work if layered incorrectly.

Overall, this is a neat design that may prove effective for those interested in creating 3D-printed switches or other mechanical devices. This is a great way to learn how to work with 3D-printed springs and deformed plastic structures. Video after the break.

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