Softmod is an Xbox, and run your own software

The original Xbox may be old hardware, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth messing with. What do you think it takes to softmood an original Xbox? Modding is basically jailbreaking, and Softmodding is done using a completely software-driven process, no need to crack the case or mess with electronics.

The process requires nothing more than pressing a button to think that you will not be fooled; It’s actually quite involved, but now that’s more accessible [ezContents] Reveals a comprehensive walkthrough for an original Xbox SoftMode, complete with lots of screenshots and photos.

The process uses a softmoding tool but this is only the first step. The magic comes from installing a carefully crafted save file on the console, booting with an exploited game disk, and then the manufacturer through a process that installs software that does not want the hardware that the manufacturer does not want to happen. . Considering that, it is expected to have to jump through a few hoops.

Now that your original Xbox case has been released from its shackles without cracking, you might want to crack it anyway and check its caps and internal RTC battery for leaks before it dies of corrosion.

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