Strange input and strange peripheral: Morse keyboard

When rendering text input electronically, newer keyboards use USB for wired interfacing, while older Morse keys use a single conductor. Will the two ever meet? For [Matthew Sparks] The answer is yes, with its “The Gadget” Morse-to-USB HID interface that represents a Morse key on a computer as if it were a USB keyboard.

At its center is a Seeduino Arduino clone, on which the Morse key rotates a pin, which recognizes key characters by the software’s extensive magic and converts it to a USB key press for computers. As such, it is an incredibly simple project, and the writing takes much more time to convert the career wave industry than the Arduino code.

Morse is simultaneously a manual art form, an efficient means of communication through congested radio bands, and an anacronism, which probably explains its continued application to the radio amateur fraternity. We’re not sure how many keyboard fighters will switch to a single key with this project, but we do see that it can be a useful help for learning as well as a pretty quick input method for an experienced fist owner.

Morse has been featured in many projects here before, at least not on this helpful Morse keyboard.

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