Summer is coming – let Mauerino mow your lawn

In the Northern Hemisphere, summer is about to hit our entire bore. Although we like the seasons, we dislike lawn maintenance. Apparently, it does [salmec] Who built the Mowerino around an Arduino Mega 2560 board.

As you might expect, the robot uses sharp blades, so you probably want to be careful. There are sensors that allow the machine to self-navigate or you can control it via Bluetooth. This is one of the things that seems easy until you actually try it. The nylon trimmer string is probably safe, but it breaks and is hard to keep cut. The blades are harder but risky for things like rocks, fingers and pets.

Walking in the yard is also a problem. The front of the Mowerino has some typical looking castor wheels. This can be a place for improvement as most yards are not friendly for this type of wheel. The other thing we worried about would be what to mow. Here, a week of rain means your lawn mower will stop breathing. Mowerino, on the other hand, has a smaller blade so it probably helps to alleviate clipping clogging.

Overall, though, it looks like this might be a good place to start if you dream that robotic groundkeepers are patrolling your estate. Most of us have big wheels for this type of mowing. But, of course, not all of them.

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