Sunrise shows part of the keyboard

If you’ve been to a bar since the 1930’s, you’ve probably spied on someone drinking Tequila Sunrise. It is a drink that mimics the beautiful colors of dawn. Much the same, so this Sunriser builds from the keyboard [crashl1445].

Built for a high-school engineering project, the building looks bright with its yellow case, which combines with yellow, orange and pink keycaps to create a beautiful sunrise aesthetic. The build relies on an Elite-C v4 microcontroller, an off-the-shelf device specifically designed to create custom keyboards. As you can guess from the name, it has a USB-C port, which serves as a modern alternative to the Arduino Pro Micro for custom keyboard makers. KTT is used according to the rose switches [crashl1445’s] Custom choice, and even has a rotating encoder that acts as a volume knob, is installed by the arrow keys. The case is printed in different parts on the Prusa Mk3 +, as the keyboard will not fit the single part on the build plate completely.

The best thing about creating your own keyboard is that you can design it entirely to your own liking and aesthetics; We think [crashl1445] Have done a great job in this regard. If you have created your own sweet keyboard, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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