Taking another swing at a 3D printed eye from Agamotto

Three years ago, [Enza3D] Put together a 3D printed version of Marvel’s Eye of Agamoto The doctor is weird. It was a nice prop to look at, but there was definitely some room for improvement in terms of screen accuracy and scale. With a new Strange With the film now in theaters, it seemed like a good time to revisit the design and tighten some loose edges.

As you might expect for something that is supposed to be magic, the internal process required to turn on all the moving parts is quite complicated. Not only does the iris need to be opened and closed, but the rings need to rotate at different speeds to recreate the effect seen in the film. Interestingly, not a single line of code or microcontroller is seen here – everything is done with a carefully designed set of gears and a single N20 motor.

The witch remains, requiring some assembly.

[Enza3D] Tried to make the construction of the clockwise mechanism as simple as possible compared to previous versions, and made some excellent improvements such as combining the size of the screws and shafts used in the assembly so that there is no risk of using the wrong part. Despite their size and fine pitch, all gears can be printed on a standard FDM desktop printer, in this case a Prussia Mini.

Said, [Enza3D] Resin did not switch to print for the outside of the prop. Incidentally, at the conclusion of another clever design, the ornate case on the outside is completely different from the internal driven process. This allows you to easily disassemble the unit for maintenance or repair without the risk of damage to your final work. Watch the video after the break for a breakdown of how the device is assembled, as well as some tips on how to make glossy pieces of plastic look like old metal.

Honestly, if we were working on our own The doctor is weird Cosplay, our first pick will still be the ridiculously terrifying POV spellcasting gun that we covered in 2018 – but this beauty definitely comes.

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