The 3D printer helps create a neat lyric video

Nowadays, it is much easier to attract attention online if your favorite music comes with some kind of visual accompaniment. Of course, shooting a full-scale music video can be expensive, so lyric videos have become a more affordable, accessible way to grow in popularity. [prash] Recently a whip up With the help of a 3D printer.

The video is a timelapse of a 3D print, which we are very familiar with around these parts. [prash] The words embedded in the various layers of the object need to be printed. Thus, as the prints lie on the build plate, the sound is released to the camera during the shooting of Time Lapse. The scene is further enhanced by the size of the print to reference the lyrics of the song and the use of attractive infill designs such as spirals and stripes. There are even some strategically placed clouds and beautiful lighting to enhance the effect.

It’s a neat use of 3D printing, and it’s artistic. We are quite confident that [prash] Has put together a very unique lyric video, and is much more impressive than Dodge 3D printing. [] Featuring songs that weren’t like his Britney a decade ago. Video after the break.

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