The best word processor for Mac: Word, Page, Scrivener and many more

7. WPS Office – Author

If OpenOffice is a Microsoft Office alternative, then WPS Office basically beats the whole experience.

The collection of software, formerly known as Kingsoft Office, does not offer as many applications as Microsoft, but the ones it does have are large – and full-featured. Authors, presentations, and spreadsheets are without Word, PowerPoint, and Excel names, but there are some additional features that make WPS Office look good if you want to save the cost of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

For one, there’s a cloud-based system that lets you start working on a computer and start where you left off the iPhone or iPad app. This enables real-time collaboration for premium users, as you would like to see in Google Docs or similar, making it ideal for editing content or mapping ideas for a project.

It will open and edit files from other word processing applications and can export a variety of files, including PDFs. As for the PDF, it can replace the predecessor as your default reader, although you will get more functionality with the paid subscription.

It will return you 29.99 / £ 23.22 per year, but will open up full file conversion and 20GB of cloud storage. Unfortunately, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

And yet, even with that caution, WPS Office is a great package with a smooth interface that falls somewhere between Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and a powerful word processor that is the best of both.

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