The Expedient Jig lets you crank out the chain link fence

After the zombie apocalypse or whatever is coming, there will be a high demand for people like us who know how to fix things, make electricity and scavenge parts. But fences are needed to keep out fraudulent zombies and neighbors. Can You Fence Your Own Chain Link? If you look [Diamleon]In the latest video, you might be able to. Of course, most of the video is about making jigs and you should expect some welding and cutting.

However, you may be able to create a similar jig with a little less effort. The jig guides the wire with a spool essentially cutting a landscape on a shaft. The whole thing is driven by an electric drill that rotates a sprocket much like a bicycle.

A pass through the machine makes a beautiful twisty wire. Once you’ve cut off a few lengths of twisted wire, it’s relatively easy to attach them to the fencing panel. This is one of the things that is hard to imagine until you see it. We were fascinated with the drill drive and immediately thought of changing the design to wind the larger coils. There are probably many more uses for this kind of thing. So even if you don’t want to build a fence, you may want to check it out.

For us, we will probably build our fence out of wood. Or do something electrical. Oddly enough, last year we saw a hand-crank version of this same type of machine.

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