The framework board gets this round display PC rolling

Framework Laptop is already a very exciting possibility for people like us – a high-end computer that we can actually customize, upgrade and repair with the blessing of the manufacturer? Sounds like a song to our ears. But we’re also excited to see how the community can push modular elements of the framework for services outside of laptops.

In one case, this was created by an absolutely gorgeous retro-inspired computer [Penk Chen]. The Mainboard terminal A framework motherboard, five-inch 1080 x 1080 round LCD display, and the OLKB Prionic mechanical keyboard combine into a sleek 3D printed enclosure that is held together with a magnet for easy access. Compared to the Raspberry Pi that we usually get stuck with in building custom computers this way, the framework board provides incredible performance, not to mention the ability to run the x86 operating system and software.

[Penk] Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has just loaded up, and he reports that everything works as expected, although there are a few xrandr You need to run the commands for the system to work properly with the circular display. The standard Ubuntu UI does not seem to be particularly suitable for such an unusual viewport, but we imagine that this is a problem that you will have to learn to survive while experimenting with such an odd screen.

It was only a few weeks ago that we informed you that Framework was publishing mechanical drawings for their motherboard modules, and we then predicted that it would be a huge blessing to build those computers. Honestly we expected some kind of cyberdeck build to hit our inbox first, but you certainly can’t complain about our more mis-viewed private terminals.

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