The future of work: Apple’s Hero-to-Zero story

Multiple forms of denial must be deeply committed to youDreamsze that the world is changing. And while not every change is positive, the one that makes the most sense is the opportunity to create distribution. That is the distant workforce at the scale More flexible, varied and resilient More than we had before.

It isWhen capturing the moment

For two years, technology has supported a new era of flexibility. Now many employers Recognitionze that remote work can be just as – and sometimes even more – productive than personal experience, when employees Enjoyed When flexibility to work is most beneficial to them, Reduces the risk of burn out.

Among other things, the epidemic that has been seen as opposed to the black cloud has resulted in better family relationships, much easier travel and the opportunity to recruit more diverse staff as marginalized groups. Gain representation. Introverts have found it easy to make valuable asynchronous contributions to their company, while more proud people spend endless time in zoom team meetings. Information, experience, and results, speak for themselves. It is possible to do great things from afar.

Yet, for some reason, Apple has chosen to become a company to place its throne in the sand on the shores of this growing sea of ​​change, trying to push back the waves, arguing (among other reasons) that its collaborative internal culture. This is important when it comes to product design.

Overloaded water cooler

I can almost buy that argument. Except, I’m Dont.

Is Apple involved in product design? Of course not; Apple’s majorityEmployees play a business role just like any other giant corporation. They are in the sales team, customer service, analyst role, regional manager, accountant and all the other jobs that any company creates. Only a relatively small number of these people are involved in product design. To argue that the whole Apple Enterprise is the equivalent of Willie Wanker technologys Chocolate Factory ignores the fact that for every talented Ompah Umpah in product development, thereThere are probably hundreds of people in support roles that can be easily managed remotely.

There are employees who are in this argumentt happy can easily get another job also deeply obscure and somewhat unrealistic. Of course, appless people are smart. But of course it’s time to listen to the company’s employees instead of opposing them. It isAn opportunity to innovate the future of work. And without a doubt, creating an effective digital replacement for casual collaboration is a product design challenge that needs to be addressed.

A recent Future Forum survey found that staff experience scores have declined across the board because employees are forced to return to the office, while a Topia study An amazing 94% of our employees think they should be able to work from anywhere, until they finish their work.

Thats point, isnIt? Using technology to increase human potential as a “bicycle for the mind” instead of enslaving the body by ignoring technology.

I know of at least one huge multinational telecom service company that uses digital processes 90,000 employees active To work together effectively during an epidemic. The tools it provides are needed by employees to ensure it works closely with employees, and as a global system integration service provider, its people have enabled businesses, including thousands of employees, to stay productive.

It could be.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky thinks so. He believes The age of traditional office is overThe office, as a service, focuses on designing staff experiences, calling for the creation of a place where small groups can come together when needed.

Gradually inevitability

The point is, changing workplace practices is entirely in line with the massive digital transformation of every enterprise. Automation is part of this, but by no means is it all. Industry 5.0 will be about digital processes that enhance human capacity. That means humans and machines work together to do more; Automate and digitize those “water cool moments” Inevitably that’s going to be part of the change. And the water cooling moment is actually so precious? Did Johnny Ive, the guy with the $ 530 Hermes measurement tape, really get the idea for a new Mac when he lined that cooler with Sally from the account?

I’m DonI do not think so

Even my favorite iMac design, the iMac G4, was visible while walking around Lauren Powell Jobs while the then CEO Steve Jobs and Ive were working effectively remotely.s Flower garden.

It simply shows that there are numerous studies Going out with others One of the best ways to increase creative thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. (Recognition that water cooler moments have been overrated is probably why Apple has created a park in the middle of its headquarters.)

I just hope it lets his staff walk there, but tries desperately to get a great idea rather than forcing them to stand next to the water cooler.

Throughout the epidemic I have received reports that refute the arguments from authoritarian managers that people are working from home. Lazy. “

It’s useless

Employees worked with their heart to keep the business going, people spent more hours, were incredibly motivated, and the only widely reported problems were that not everyone had a comfortable place to work, bandwidth was lacking and many managers did not.Do not respect the work that was being done.

Some people start showing great disrespect towards peopleBalance of work / home life. Working from home means taking a management call at 7pm or you shouldn’t always have a camera. The work should be about clearly defined goals, objectives, achievements and recognition. Presence, darling, history.

But for many employees, including Apple, the reward for putting businesses together heroically in times of global disaster is to say that they are lazy and have to go back to the office.

What kind of reward is that?

What kind of inspiration do you think that will deliver? When the undercurrent thinks that employees must comply or “get another job”, no company should be terribly surprised by the loss of loyalty, respect for authority, and loss of productivity.

Why do your best for a company that sees you as easily replaceable?

At Apple, About 76% employees arenNot happy with the companyIts remote work plan. No wonder they want to be united.

And these arguments extend beyond technology and its capabilities to what we can do. They go beyond the need to design employee experiences that people want to spend eight hours a day. They connect directly to a method to help us solve the really big problems we face.

Think about diversity

Apple knows how difficult it is to recruit from under-represented groups. Every HR report I read on this subject (and I read a lot of these things) makes me realize that technology is a form of boy.s Club is a section that prevents people from joining the industry.

Remote work helps to break the cycle of toxic masculinity, enhances diversity and enables less well-represented groups whoTo join the workforce you must work in a 9-to-5 culture (such as a new parent or person with a disability). In other words, remote working should be seen as a tool to enable enterprises to provide more diversity in recruitment. It isIt is about creating flexibility and breaking the power of negative perceptions by weakening the negative workplace culture and replacing it with a more inclusive model. I know Apple recognizes accessibility challenges, so why this blind spot around the future of work?

Collaboration, imagination, technology-driven innovation, and different thinking about all of this should be an easy ocean for Apple to swim in, especially if it is dedicated to helping lunatics change the world.

While perhaps FaceTime’s utter failure to define video collaboration reflects a lack of vision in the company, a company that can now help create a new future of work that embraces both square pegs and round holes. Maybe someone else will have to settle for crazy ones in the future?

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