The Giant Xbox Series X works like a realm

Like most home consoles, the Xbox Series X was specifically designed to fit nicely into the average home theater unit. [Michael Pick] Thought it wasn’t big enough, and ready to make itself the world’s largest functional Xbox Series X.

The build was partly inspired by Microsoft’s creation: a large fridge the size of an Xbox Series X. However, [Michael] He wanted to go further by maintaining gaming functionality and recreating details more faithfully, such as the Devot at the top of the console.

Carefully press the positioned Xbox button

The first step was to create a large wooden frame, screwing the wood panels to create the basic look of the console. The lovely curved and perforated top is made up of a series of pieces through 3D printing that are glued together to mimic the feature on the actual console itself. The back was also given a fake giant port that looked like the real thing.

Inside the real hack, though. The Xbox hardware itself sits on a small shelf inside the frame. A few servo motors are set up when the corresponding buttons are pressed on the giant Xbox to press the buttons on the actual console. This goes a long way in making the build feel “real” to the user.

The final construction measures 2 m (6.5 ft) long and 1 m wide, weighing a total of 113 kg (250 lb). It was good enough to win [Michael] Guinness World Record for his suffering. The construction was later donated to a local youth center in Georgia.

We have seen [Michael]Before its giant construction, too; His 300%-sized Nerf song was a special highlight. Video after the break.

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