The HDMI display just gets a Steampunk-inspired perimeter

This is an interesting question: what would one do for a follow-up to create the world’s worst HDMI display? Easy – stick to a cool Stumpunk-inspired case and call it a day.

That seems to be what happened [mitxela]Its a solution, and please don’t take our assessment as a knock on the core build or this follow-up. [mitxela] He himself expressed some surprise at the attention gathered by his “yet stupid project”, which used the I2C interface over the HDMI interface to run a small monochromatic OLED screen. Low refresh rate, bad resolution – it has everything you don’t want on a display, but it was a great hack that deserves attention.

The current work, which creates an enclosure for camouflage display, is much heavier on metal work than anything else, as the video below reveals. The display itself goes into a small box made of brass, while the HDMI plug gets a sturdy-looking brass housing that makes the more common molded plastic plug look unforgivably weak – despite the hot glue. Connecting the two is a flexible stalk, allowing it to be plugged into a computer’s HDMI port and giving the user the flexibility to position itself on an almost useless display where it is best seen.

But again, we can be very strict in our judgment; When Destiny Originally playable on a small display, “Bad Apple !!” Quite a sight to behold, especially when accompanied [mitxela]Its servo-controlled MIDI music box. And since when has usability been a criterion for judging a hack’s coolness, anyway?

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