The HP-200LX runs websites like the 90s

The HP-200LX palmtop was an interesting machine for its time, and [Terrence Vergauwen] This proves that its time is not over yet, given that one is responsible for serving the website Palmtop tubeA website and YouTube channel dedicated to Vintage Palmtop

An HP-200LX doesn’t have what it takes to be a modern web server, but it doesn’t take much to deliver the missing parts. A PCMCIA network adapter provides an Ethernet connection, and contains a NAS website content while networking and web server software is running locally. The static power comes from a wall adapter, but at 200LX the two rechargeable AA cells themselves act as a mini-UPS, providing backup power in case of distractions.

The HP-200LX is a groundbreaking product that arrived just in time, ahead of other real palm top computers like the IBM PC 110. In the early ’90s, it was unthinkable that one could have a fully functional MS-DOS based machine. Pocket, leave the unit that can last a few weeks in AA cells. It didn’t have some proprietary OS and weird ports, and that’s why this kind of functionality, after almost 30 years, enables one to efficiently serve web traffic.

A video overview of the machine and how it works is included in the video embedded below. And if you’re more interested in what an HP-200LX looks like inside? This video is about disassembling and repairing a 200LX.

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