The lawn mower carburetor improves mileage on older sedans

The name has been associated with compact cars since the ’70s, before the Ford marketing department began pressing Maverick badges on pickup trucks. They were also cheaper by Ford Standard and were made as a desperate attempt to keep pace with Japanese imports, which were generally of higher quality and more efficient than most American cars at the time. Some called them poor people’s Mustangs. While Ford and other American car companies struggled to stay relevant during the gas crisis, it turned out that they could dramatically improve fuel efficiency by slapping a Lawn Mauer carburetor on their old Mavericks.

The older Maverick used a 5 L carburetor V8 engine, which was not even top performance by 1970s standards. But [ThunderHead289] He can bring out some more skills by making some clever changes in the carburetor. Using a much smaller carburetor, especially from a lawn mower, and an adapter 3D printing for it, he was able to achieve high speeds as well as increase fuel efficiency to 40 mpg (which is even higher than modern Mavericks). 75 miles per hour.

While it’s not the fastest car on the block with this change, it still drives well enough to get around. If you try this in your classic car, one thing to keep in mind is that some engines use fuel as a kind of coolant for certain engine parts, which can cause some problems like burn valves. And, if you don’t have a lawnmower nearby that can borrow a carbohydrate, take a look at this build that prints from 3D scratch.

Thanks [Jack] For the tip!

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