The owner of the printable fix for the time card watch is looking red again

When [Morley Kert] Keeping an eye on the card-punching watch while at work, he knew he had to keep it for a secret upcoming project. The watch seems to be working well, after a dozen or so test punches, the ink was quickly fading into incompetence. After a brief teardown and inspection, [Morley] It has been determined that the ribbon is not moving as fast as it should.

This watch uses a ribbon cassette like a modern typewriter, instead of a feed spool and a take-up spool, it has a short length ribbon that turns around, re-inked once in each revolution.

When a card is inserted, several events occur: a new hole is made in the left side, and one arm pushes the card against the ribbon, which pushes against the clock’s mechanical digit dial to stamp the card.

Eventually, the ribbon gets improved. Or it is supposed to be, however. [Morley] One could easily see the shadow of a piece that no longer exists, a round piece with teeth with a protrusion on both faces to engage both the time clock and the ribbon cassette. A simple little gear.

After emailing the company, it appears they want $ 95 + tax to replace the part. [Morley] Just laughed and fired the Fusion 360 shots, just a caliper measurement and a three second teardown video that shows the missing part continue. But he pulled it off, and very fast, too. Version one had problems, but 2.0 was a perfect fit, and the watch was equally punched again. Be sure to check it out after the break.

OK, so maybe you don’t have a time card to fix it. But you must have dropped a completely good coat because the zipper broke?

Thanks for the tip, [Zane]!

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