The reusable speed boat beats the barnacle beyond your average rebuild

There’s an old saying, “Anything is possible with enough time, money, or brain. Two choices.” For [Mr HỒ Thánh Chế], The choice was obvious: time, and the brain. This is illustrated by the impressive DIY boat build shown in the video below the break.

[Mr HỒ] An Isuzu starts with a marine diesel engine that was apparently found on the beach, covered in barnacle and kill worm (and who knows). A complete teardown reveals that the crankcase miraculously survived the onslaught of the sea and somehow even the turbo survived. After a good cleaning and reassembly, the engine came to life. Notably, the entire engine project was carried out with only basic equipment, except for one lathe. Even commonly disposable parts such as head gaskets are reused.

Moving on to the hall, half of an old damaged boat is used and a new top is built. The seats of a Toyota car sit on the back of a car’s steering column, while the deck is made from scratch with square tubing, foam boards and fiberglass.

What we like about the project is not the final result, it has some build quality issues and the steering seems to be too slow, but which of our own projects is not knocked together to make fun of some obvious flaws? In fact, it’s often the epitome of hacker spirits – speeding it up, messing it up, making fun of it and repeating it as we go. For that, take off our hats [Mr HỒ].

If boat recycling puts air in your sails, check out this turn-of-the-century project from this boat.

Thanks [Ansen] For the tip

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