The smart contact lens keeps you close to the screen

Google Glass didn’t launch as expected, but – to be honest – do you really want to carry that hardware in your head? The BBC recently covered Mojo, a company that makes smart contact lenses that not only fix eyesight but can also display a display. You can watch a video from CNET on the technology below.

Lenses have solid-state batteries, such as micro LED displays, smart sensors and pacemakers. The company claims to have a “feature-complete prototype” and is about to begin testing, according to a BBC article. We imagine that you can’t get the most out of the battery in a contact lens, but presumably, that’s one of the things that makes this kind of technology so difficult to develop.

The article also mentions other smart contacts under development, including a University of Surrey lens that can monitor eye health using a variety of sensors integrated with the lens. You have to think about what it will be like in real life. Most likely, the display goes off and you don’t see anything, but it’s annoying enough to constantly beep your phone without getting a message across your field of vision.

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. If not this time, someday in the future. While we generally think the hacker community needs to be guided, we’re not sure if we want to hack something that touches the human eyeball. Although not everyone can say that. For us, we’ll be with the headset.

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