The toothbrush goes from whitening the face to brightening the room

Some of the hacks we see make us wonder why they’re not already a commercial product, and this electric toothbrush rechargeable flashlight is one of them. Of course, these things exist, but we haven’t seen them with a dedicated charging stand They usually carry micro USB or whatever, so it’s up to you to remember to plug it in. How good would it be to have a fully-charged flashlight always ready, especially to illuminate the room? Although [wannabemadsci] As simple as it may seem, this transition takes quite a while.

Probably the most amazing part is that [wannabemadsci] A half-decent flashlight was found in the dollar store. Better than average, this thing has a main light, a side light and takes 3xAAs instead of a few AAAs. The only problem is that the toothbrush batteries do not emit enough voltage for the LED of the flashlight, so [wannabemadsci] A booster board has been used.

Of course, there is more to this hack than just turning off the USB connector from Boost Converter to make it fit. The handle of the toothbrush had to be changed to receive the flashlight, and the threads were transferred from the flashlight. As the battery charge indicator flashes through the transient button of the toothbrush, [wannabemadsci] Wanted to reuse it, but needed a small board that converted it into a latching push button. Finally, the bezel of the flashlight had to be painted white. Painting is a simple thing, and this detail makes all the difference in how professional it looks.

With a functional electric toothbrush as your base you can do many things, such as forcing the lock pins with vibration.

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