There is no guarantee of safety: flying motorcycles are coming soon

According to [Victor Tangermann] In futurism, Jetpack Aviation is showing off a prototype of its P2 speeder flying motorcycle and it looks great and – quotes Ralph Nader – unsafe at any speed. The prototype can lift 1,000 pounds, travel up to 500 miles per hour and cover up to 400 miles. We assume that those things are certainly not at the same time.

As you might expect, the thing is still not FAA-approved and we wonder if it will ever happen. The company plans to have remote control flights later this year, and even later, actual piloted flights. You can see more from Mayman Aerospace which is related to JetPack (which of course makes jet packs).

We’ve been watching this design for years now (see the video below). We’ve also seen designs and links to other flying cars that don’t seem to go beyond the artist’s rendering stage. Will P2 be different? Who can say? If you’re old enough to remember, there was a time when recorded home videos were supposed to come out every year, but it never materialized. Until it did with VHS and beta tape decks.

So all these flying ideas – um – may or may not come down from the ground, but eventually, there will be one of them. After all, jet packs seemed like science fiction and they were still quite rare and limited, but Jetpack did manage to do something.

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