Transparent framedeck is definitely capable

When the universe asks you to create a cyberdeck, you must create a cyberdeck. Lucky [Richard Sutherland] Received an email from the user-serviceable laptop filtering framework about the availability of their main board for use as a single-board computer. They agreed to send him a laptop and some extra modules until he promised to make something great with it. There was only one imaginary warning: the design he came up with had to be made public.

[Richard] This capable board with four USB ports took over and created an all-in-one that pays homage to slab-style computers like the TRS-80 Model 100. [Richard] Really wanted as a child. It looks beautiful in layered acrylic and brass, and although we often think that the best design choice you can make is by looking, transparency really works here. Among these layers is a custom 36-key split running on an Elite-C microcontroller with the Gazzew Boba U4 silent-butt-tactile switch and a trackball in between. Be sure to take a build tour and see pictures of the whole process.

Acrylic looks great and looks great on paper, but what about actual use? [Richard] Place a rubberized SKUF foot on the front and a pair of transferable legs on the back. Not only will it stay in the table space, but he will be able to see the screen better and type in angles larger than zero.

As great as having a framedeck in Apocalypse is, it will be hard to hide and can be looted. You might want to create something to hide a little more.

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