TRS-80 Luggable Gets Fresh Face, New Gear

It is true that this TRS-80 model 4P “Label” was in better shape than many vintage machines which [Drygol], But it does not make the end result of its renewal and upgrade process any less impressive. After all, not every rebuild has to be achieved once in a lifetime.

No, the case does not need to be reassembled by hand and there is no need to recreate half the marks on the board. But the outer plastic certainly needed a better retrobright treatment, the keyboard was overdue for cleaning, and the capacitors in the PSU were supposed to retire. Later [Drygol] With this, the machine returned to its new state. But then, we can do a little better …

Installation of the new Grafyx board.

So refreshed computers have undergone several community-enhanced changes, including an M3SE expander that adds compact Flash and Ethernet support to the TRS-80, and a high-resolution Grafyx video board. In the classic [Drygol] Style, every effort was made to integrate these upgrades as seamlessly as possible. After a bit of struggle to find a 5.25 ″ drive that would write a disk that would actually read TRS-80, all the files needed to make the upgrades work have been moved and the system is booting into TRSDOS.

We’ve covered a lot [Drygol]Restore it, and never tire of seeing how these old and broken machines get a new lease on life when they come out of the other end. Whether it’s a relatively easy task to shuffle some dad chips or use every technique in the book to put together what’s left of the computer, they always show an incredible level of dedication and attention that you can appreciate without help. .

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