Unconventional Toolbox Switch: Barbecue! | Hackade

Despite all the advances in cooking over the past millennium, nothing can ever replace the initial sensation of looking at charcoal as your food slowly prepares. The barbecue is the obvious choice to satisfy the nostalgia of this cave, and in some cases size can be important, sometimes you just want the convenience of being able to take your grilling device to the beach, park or anywhere other than home. Other times you [Laura Kampf] And don’t want to use an old toolbox for storing tools.

It all started with one of those simple three-tiered folding cantilever toolboxes [Laura] Really likes them for mechanical construction, but not so much from a usability standpoint. Possessing the ability to turn random things into barbecue, it was an interesting enough device to separate. After spending a lot of time grinding and painting off the bolts, he cuts the tray bottoms to weld pieces of metal mesh to weld them as grill grates in place – but you can see the full progress in the video below.

The folding mechanics play out really nicely here. By moving away from the burning coals in the center of the box you can not only access the grill products, it also gives you two different heat levels. The individual lids on each side add more variety and it can even act as a portable little smoker.

We have seen [Laura]There’s been work a few times before, and if you haven’t, check out his beer cage motorcycle side car, wheelbarrow bicycle trailer, or drill bit storage box turned into a zippo lighter.

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