Universal TFT display backpack helps to brighten small displays

TFT technology may be old news for monitors and TVs, but it’s also alive and well with hobby electronics and embedded devices. Thanks to the universal TFT display backpack design, they are now easier to integrate [David Johnson-Davies].

Breakout board, consistent with the pinout of most small TFT displays.

Such displays are affordable and easy to obtain, and [David] Notice that there seem to be a lot of similarities between many in terms of pinout and hookup information. The result is its breakout board design, a small and easy-to-assemble PCB breakout board that can accommodate a variety of TFT display pinouts from your favorite retailer or overseas retailer.

The board has some quality features such as an optional connection for the backlight, and a hanging pin pattern so that the various TFT boards can be pushed to form a stiffer connection without soldering. It is very easy to test and evaluate different displays.

Interested? Visit the GitHub repository for projects and check out while you’re at it [David]Its tiny TFT Graphics Library 2 is a natural complement to the display backpack. [David] Make sure its staff knows when it comes to cleverly optimized display work; We like its solution for writing on OLED display without the need for RAM buffer.

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