Vintage Pro Audio Hack Chat gets cracked

Even though we’ve been doing that for years now, it’s still hard to predict what hack chat will look like. No question it would certainly be an hour of an interesting discussion, given one. But the dynamics of the conversation can range from a rigorous Q&A, which is not entirely unexpected when you get limited time with a subject matter expert, in a freewheeling hangout with a group that everyone can be. Interested in the same thing.

This week Vintage Pro Audio Hack Chat Frank Olson, of course, took the next step. The allotted hour flew by in an instant, so many anecdotes and ideas flew behind that sometimes it was hard to follow. No worries, however, to complete the chat transcript, we can make sure that none of that basic knowledge is lost.

So what did we learn in this chat? Well, it probably won’t come as a surprise to those who have an opinion on audio gear. Strong Opinions about it People were painting with some fairly wide brushes, special makers and even whole fields of technology got a somewhat well-defined ribbing. If your favorite brand or piece of gear gets a certain scream-out, try not to take it too privately – at the end of the day, most people in the chat seem to agree that the word is so thematic that the right choice is often what sounds good to you right now. No.

Which leads directly to Frank’s work with the custom microphone. As a musician he knew sound was better than anyone else, so instead of spending money on big-name gear, he chose to create it himself. But the real hook here is their unique construction, whose pieces re-imagine design ideas using thin pieces of walnut cut with a vinyl cutter from unexpected materials from medieval commercial equipment. Frank explained that the design of microphones is not so critical nowadays due to the availability of powerful neodymium magnets, which gives the manufacturer more freedom in materials and equipment. He says the goal is to inspire others to try to make gear from what they have because it is obsolete because it will not work.

We applaud Frank, and everyone else, for stopping by this week for such a lively and friendly discussion. Truth be told, a chat is especially for people who want to discuss ideas as personal and nebula about how they perceive. Warmth The sound can be a bit heated. But it was a real achievement for the community that everyone was able to express their views or seek constructive advice.

Hack Chat is a weekly online chat session hosted by leading experts from all corners of the hardware hacking universe. This is a great way for hackers to connect in a fun and informal way, but if you can’t make it live, make sure you don’t miss this overview post as well as the transcripts posted on

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