Want a break from hardware hacking? Try Beatburner

If you ever mention to a normal person that you are a hacker, and they may ask you if you can do something bad. The media has unfortunately changed the meaning of the term so that most people think that hackers are illegal computer geniuses instead of our common people who are probably just breaking the law which is preventing you from repairing your own electronics. However, if you want a break, you can fully embrace the Hollywood hacker stereotype Beatburner. Since it’s all online, you don’t even have to dig your hoodie.

The game takes place in 2077 where, apparently, people are still using the green monochrome terminal and writing JavaScript code. Who knew? The operating system is suspiciously with Linux-like commands alias, cat, cp, kill, And choice. We were nonplus that in 2077 they are still using Vim, but you can use Nano. We always thought the real hackers would be emacs users. Our machine starts with only 8 MB RAM. Well you can virtually buy more.

We will not do that cls A synonym for clear Or you use help Instead man. It’s, after all, a game. This means you don’t have to feel bad about using a buy command to buy a program on the Virtual Dark Web. Hey, if you can shoot bad guys in an FPS game, why can’t you do business with fake cyber-criminals. Why should Grand Theft Auto Do the players have all the fun?

Do you know how in a video game you can get much better shots and much more damage from you in real life? The same principle applies here. Uses scan-analyze The command tells you how many open ports are on the connected computer and how much hacking skills are needed. It will work in real life, we bet

We thought the tutorial instructed us that it was in bad form for not entering the commands we wanted. What kind of hacker wouldn’t try anything else? However, this is probably a better diversion than the time your friends are wasting time with Facebook or phone games. It probably doesn’t provide any real hacking skills, but not everything has to be useful.

If you want a game that can teach you something, try Bash Crawl Adventure. Or, type and play some basic games in your browser.

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