Water your plants only four times a year

While it is true that some plants improve with care, many of them work properly with a few ounces of water once a week, until the light level is right. But there are also plenty of things to remember and do in our unprecedented time, so why bother trying? [Martin] Solved this problem for us, has given a lot of thought to every aspect of automated plant care. The result of his efforts was Fluora, a self-contained open source plant pot and a YouTube channel to accompany it.

The 3D-printed container can be easily shortened up or down to suit the size of the tree and has a reservoir that holds about 0.7 liters of water by default. Pour it in small bunches, and you will be well for about three months, depending on the plant, its light and how much. Current Water makes it. You can track the level of dryness in the companion app.

Whenever the capacitive soil moisture sensor hidden under the dirt detects a drought situation, it sends a signal via a small pump Wemos LOLIN32 and a MOSFET, which sends water from the reservoir.

The soil is evenly watered by a small hose puzzled by dozens of small holes that produce slightly low-pressure water jets. This is definitely a favorite part of our project – not only because it’s beautiful to look at, but also because many such buildings have a tendency to leave water in the same place all the time. . . How do we water our plants. Be sure to watch the overview video of the project after the break.

No printer? No problem – you can use an old Keurig machine to water a tree as long as the pump is still good.

Thanks for the tip, [Keith]!

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