What The Little Lightgun Can Do: Cinden does well

In 2018, we covered the work done by it [Andrew Sinden] To create a lightgun that could work in modern television. The project sought funding through Kickstarter, but at least partly because of doubts about the technology involved, the campaign fell far short of its goal. It seemed then that the story would end there.

But we have recently been directed to an impressive interview [Andrew] That ran Guardian A few months ago that not only tells the rest of the story, but ends with a happy ending – after years of hard work, the Cinden Lightgun is now available for purchase. It’s not exactly a turn-key product that some would like, as there are plenty of hoops that one must jump in to bag some unnamed waterfowl. Duck huntingBut there is nothing that will frighten the average hacked reader.

Limited technical details about the 2018 prototype could keep supporters away.

The final version of the hardware stripped away the aesthetics of realistic firearms inherited from Wii gun accessories that were designed to fit it, and now features a brightly colored pistol enclosure that will show off out of nowhere. Virtua Cop The machine has also acquired an optional recall solenoid for force feedback, although it tacks over আরও 60 more than the already thick $ 100 price tag for the base model.

We are glad to see it [Andrew] Recognizes the importance of Linux support for the software side of things, as it enables you to create a pre-configured retro image for the Raspberry Pi 4. Although you are not forced to emulate Pi, for those who want to occasionally blast zombies on their desktop, Windows and x86 Linux are also supported.

Often, when we cover a project here on Hackaday it’s a one-shot deal: someone has a special need or desire, builds a gadget to meet it and move on. There’s nothing wrong with that, but there’s a certain sense of pride when we see a project in this community turn into something more. While not every piece of hardware we feature is likely to be the next Arduboy or Cinden Lightgun hacked together, we’d like to think we’ve already covered the next big one. Products turned into projects Success story and don’t know it yet.

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