With this Prusa I3 MK3 Mod the prints will not stop

One of the problems with 3D printing is that when one print is done, you have to go back and drag the print out of bed to reset for the next one. If you have to print 600 small parts for any reason? Most people would say get plenty of printers and line them up. No. [Pierre Trappe]Since he decided that his Prusa i3 MK3S + will continue to print.

The setup was called a loop and consisted of several parts. First, there is an arm that sweeps the build plate to clean the printed pieces, a slide to lower the pieces down, and a stand for the printer to sit on that puts it at an angle. The next step in allowing an uninterrupted print row is to change the octoprint. The slicer needs to be changed [Pierre] Provides some G-code to reset the printer and clear the print.

We were particularly impressed with the detailed attention to detail in the documentation for this. There are comprehensive guidelines for getting bed loyalty Just Okay, since you can’t print it in the middle, your hand needs to be clearly and easily separated across the bed. Calibrating that first level is essential, and he provides easy instructions for dialing it. In addition, temperature and material play an important role, and [Pierre] He records the different materials and temperatures he used when creating the loop.

Although uninterrupted belt printers have the “correct” answer to the question of printing 600 small parts, they bring their own luggage. Being able to pull something similar on a reliable and well-supported printer like the Prussia i3 makes it a compelling option.

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