Your building’s RFID access tag can be really insecure

[Gabe Schuyler] Going to the garage of his building was a frustrating problem. The RFID access system meant he had to take off his gloves on his motorcycle to get the keytag out for entry. He decided to whip up a better solution with less hassle.

Her initial plan was to duplicate the kitag and sew one on her gloves. By purchasing a 125 KHz RFID tag duplicator from eBay, he was able to quickly copy the tag and create one that works with his garage entry system. Although the duplicate tags worked well, they were still too large to be easily fitted with a glove. An attempt to create a duplicate with a small tag also failed Finally, [Gabe] Created a ring complete with a compatible RFID chip and was able to duplicate its entry tag. Now, after the ring, he can enter his garage and building with a simple wave of hand, turning gloves on or off.

Of course, copying an RFID tag is not a big hack. Such as [Gabe]Schumacher’s discussion of this issue, however, shows that many buildings are using completely unsecured RFID access systems with little to no security. Anyone who finds an access tag lying on the ground can easily copy as much as they like and enter the building without hindrance.

It also mentions that you can snoop RFID cards farther away than you might expect. Video after the break.

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